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National Teleconference on Special "ABLE" Accounts for Individuals with Disabilities

Attorney Keenan will be the sole presenter for a teleconference titled “ABLE Accounts: New Rules and Updates” on December 27, 2019 from 2:00 to 3:30 pm EST. The teleconference will be presented by the National Business Institute and it will be broadcast nationally. The intended audience is attorneys, financial planners, accountants and other professional advisors.

These new ABLE accounts provide an opportunity for certain individuals with disabilities to own and manage a significant amount of funds without jeopardizing eligibility for government benefits.

The agenda for the teleconference is as follows:

  1. New ABLE programs and changes to existing ABLE programs;

  2. The effect of the 2017 tax law on ABLE accounts;

  3. Proposed rules expanding the definition of who can open an ABLE account;

  4. A comparison of state ABLE programs;

  5. How ABLE accounts impact the owner’s eligibility for government benefits;

  6. Current limits on contributions and total maximum amount;

  7. Account management and qualified/non-qualified expenses;

  8. Federal H.U.D. rules on exclusion of ABLE accounts and access to income-based H.U.D. programs;

  9. ABLE accounts and the I.R.S. saver’s credit;

  10. ABLE accounts vs. Special Needs Trusts: pros and cons. Can or should you have both?

If you are interested in registering then please click here for more information.